What is overmolding and what is unique about ACi's service

ACi specializes in overmolding components and connectors that are not traditionally molded. Various processes including high pressure and low pressure molding allow us to overmold delicate assemblies without damaging components.

Using the latest technology in materials and equipment, we will propose the perfect solution to your design challenges as we eliminate obstacles to build the ideal connection for your application.  Our Electric/Hydraulic servo driven Plastic Injection Molding Machines are designed for insert molding a wide array of thermoplastic compounds including PVC, Polyurethane, Polypropylene and Glass Filled Nylons. Colors available to help identify particular circuits and/or company branding.

We have both domestic and international sources for some of the most affordable and shortest lead-times for tooling in the industry.

Overmolding cables and electrical assemblies to provide strain relief and full protection from harsh environments. If your assemblies are exposed to difficult environments, or subject to excess stress, then overmolding is a surefire solution to eliminating issues in the field. We can provide high reliability connectors for both your wired and wireless products. We can also combine multiple technologies including Custom Molded assemblies into your wire harness.

TE 2 position Superseal connector

Delphi / Aptiv weatherpack overmolded connector

Ideal for Agriculture and Off-Road applications where there is a requirement for Harsh Environment Molded Cable Assemblies

Overmolding solves many engineering and product application issues traditional connector offerings can’t. Problems such as gender changing, directional requirements and demanding rugged environmental conditions are solved by overmolding.

TE 3 position Superseal connector series and molded splitter

Overmolded connector used in the Railroad industry to adapt a TE GPS antenna connector to Switchcraft overmolded cable connector. Changes gender, adds directional, increased durability.

Do you need a Custom Molded Cable Assembly or an Overmolded Connector to be used in a Harsh Environment? ACi has manufacturing techniques and options not always offered by other Cable Assembly Manufacturers.

Custom molded grommet for the appliance industry

CAN BUS connectors from Deutsch and Molex in irregular shapes can be oriented with the keyway at any angle relative to the cable exit. Used in Off Road and Construction industries.

Custom molded grommet for aftermarket automotive ignition assembly

The problem:

Customer was individually soldering multiple wires into a circuit board manually.

The solution:

ACi designed a molded wire wire gang part using high temperature material to withstand the wave solder reflow process allowing the assembly to be attached to the circuit board automatically.

Insert Overmolded Connector
One Piece Custom Molded Electrical Connector

Insert overmolding is the process of using a third party off-the shelf connector and applying the overmold process to improve some performance aspect lacking in the base connector. Off the shelf connectors from TE, Deutsch, Molex, Delphi/Aptiv, including circular military style connector series Mil 5015, Mil26482 and others can be adapted to multiple different configurations.

BEFORE (top) - Metal circular connector with mechanical strain relief and potential for leakage via the cable entry.

AFTER (bottom) - After on the bottom. Overmolded backshell with adapter for improved strain relief.

By utilizing a custom molded one piece connector you can improve on an original design and solve multiple issues at the same time

Customizable logos add to your brand recognition and product identification

Custom Molded Electical Connectors benefit from:

  • Increased IP rating
  • Shield from Shock & Vibration
  • Endure Physical Abuse and abrasion
  • Utilization in compact spaces
  • Stand up to additional strain in application
  • Creating wire to wire connections from "device only" connectors

CAN BUS system terminator with LED indicator

An innovative solution to solve a specific need in both Agricultural and Industrial industries when no off-the-shelf options exist. Custom molded Environmentally sealed switch and connector E-stop assembly that can be mounted to any round or irregular shaped tubing.

The problem:

Our customer needed to integrate a "T" connection into an OEM wiring harness. The electrical connection is a Delphi/Aptive "device only" style housing.


The solution:

ACi turned a device only connection into a Custom Molded Electrical Connector creating a pluggable wired interconnect allowing trouble free splicing into the OEM harness.