• Low Pressure Molding is an alternate process to the more common high pressure  process.
  • Low pressure molding allows for the protection of sensitive circuit board component assemblies as well as increasing robustness of electrical connectors not meant to be overmolded.
  • Low Pressure Molding improves interconnect reliability in Off-Road and Industrial applications increasing durability of non-sealed connection systems.

Low pressure molding can be done for asthetics in Medical, Commercial and Consumer applications

Low pressure overmolded circuit board to TEFLON cable used in extreme harsh enviroment Industrial sewer application

Low pressure molded temperature and RH sensor increases environmental resistance and improves product durability

Low Pressure Molded cable assembly with Reed switch and LED  mounted on circuit board

Combining your Low Pressure Molded assembly into a wire harness is a great way to assure reliability and durability for your application.